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Almost all of our dogs are available through our pre-adoption program. This means that our dogs are not currently located in the state of NJ. We work specifically with rescue groups in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Once you submit an application and pass the approval process your dog is then transported to New Jersey. Upon arrival your dog will go into a 24-48 hour monitoring period. They are bathed, groomed, and we monitor them to be sure they made it through transport safe, happy, and healthy. If they need vetting or special care, we treat them at that time. After that, your dogs will go directly into your forever homes. It is a long journey but it is well worth the trip.  ​

We usually have a few pups in every transport that go directly into foster care, however it is important to note that even the puppies that are here, do not have a meet and greet program. The only dogs who have the meet and greet option are our local adults that are in NJ and our seniors. We understand that this program is not for everyone and that there are many adopters who really feel the need to meet the pup ahead of time. If this is the case we completely understand and wish you the best of luck. What is most important is that you chose an adoption program that you are comfortable with and is right for you and your family.

If you are interested in adopting the first step is to send us an email at


If the dog you are inquiring about is available we will send you out an application.  It is important to note that we do everything first come first serve based on how the applications come in.  So hurry, hurry when getting them back to us! We first complete vet references, and speak with landlords or management companies for approval.  Once that is complete one of our adoption coordinators will reach out to you to do your phone interview. At this time you will be able to ask questions about the dogs and the process and you and our coordinator will decide if this dog would be a good fit for you home. If so there will be a $100.00 deposit requested in order to hold your dog and proceed with the process.  (this fee is part of your adoption fee so when you come on adoption night you just have to bring the remaining $400.00) From there your references will be contacted and your home check will be scheduled. Once that is done the dog is yours and it is just a matter of time until they get here. ​


There is an adoption fee of $500 for all of our dogs. This fee is a reimbursement for all of the services that we have provided to the dog being adopted. We put all of our dogs through a very stringent vetting process, deworm them multiple times, run fecal exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spay & neuter, vaccinate and have them checked multiple times by the vet. Before they are transported, each of our dogs must receive a health certificate clearing them for travel. This fee also helps us cover the cost of transport and any other medical attention the dog may require upon arrival.     

Please note that for all adoptions taking place after April 1, 2022 our adoption fee has increased $50 to be a total of $500. This is to help up cover all costs for the pups such as vetting, medicine, gas and other typical costs. With these having gone up over the last year, we need to increase the adoption fee to continue the work we do and help as many dogs as possible. This will mean our non-refundable deposit following the phone interview will be a total of $100 with the additional $400 due on adoption day. 

We do have a back-up program just in case a dog doesn’t do well in his or her new home. However, we would never bring a dog all the way to NJ if we thought this was a possibility. If by chance this does happen, the pup goes back into foster care and will be put up for adoption again in the state of NJ.  ​


If you're not sure if the pre-adoption program is right for you, but your on the fence. One of the best place to find out about us is by liking our Facebook page and by checking out some of our reviews.  There are lots on there from people who have adopted through Southern Paws and have shared their experiences! We look forward to working with you!

The Process

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