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Disaster Relief Program

Over the years Southern Paws has become a national asset in the field of disaster relief.  We developed our deployment program in 2016 and have since, responded to 8 natural disasters to aid in relief efforts and search and rescue.

Our team is ready to respond to any natural disaster at a moment’s notice. The Southern Paws Search and Rescue Team has rescued 1000+ animals, small and large, and has operated in storms such as Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Matthew, and the 2016 Louisiana Floods.

Our Search and Rescue team consists of highly trained individuals, which include prior and current first responders, animal rescuers, volunteers & military personnel trained and certified.  Our team is made up of amazing volunteers who donate their time to assist the public in these times of need.

All animals are medically evaluated and have health certificates upon leaving our care and making their journeys to their receiving locations.

We have developed a transport network of approved Transporters, Sending and Receiving rescues in order to help get animals evacuated before the storms, to assist with those who are surrendered due to loss of home, and those who are not claimed after their official mandated stray hold.

We have acquired many rescue partners and have wonderful partnerships with other rescues and deployment teams to reach this goal.  These situations are truly Teamwork Dream work moments and we couldn't be more grateful for the team we have built.

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